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Re-tinning is a service of restoration of the culinary copper articles.

After scouring of the old tin, we deposit a new layer of food tin inside the ustensil, then we rascal outside.

Your ustensil finds a new youth, and it set out again for a turn!
Some stages are to be respected in order to obtain good results :
1) Restoration general of the utensil
The object crosses by phases of repair the dent, to tighten rivets...

2) suppression of the old cover
The object is totally remove then sanded inside.
3) Removal of the liquid tin
It is deposited and spread with a paintbrush.
This new coat of tin is guaranteed 100 % edible.
4) the tin is molten
5) Hot smoothing with cotton
(what require a great dexterity), according to the method said " in the old ". This method leaves a coat of tin more thick than by electrolysis.

6) Brushing and external polishing
Constitute the ultimate stage to obtain the best quality of completion
Among the regular customers who rely on us, appear the restaurants of Bernard LOISEAU and Georges BLANC.
To have an estimate, do not hesitate to contact us.
The estimate of tinned is immediate, by phone.
Indicate simply the diameter and the depth of your utensils.
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